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Tax Services

Audit Services

Due to statutory requirements, our Audit division is a separate company. This division, McMurray Aldum Incorporated, is the fundamental core of our company and will forever remain our core business.

This specialised division is highly sought after due to the fact that we concentrate on the latest audit function and comply with all regulatory requirements that are relevant to the Companies and Close Corporations Act. Our Auditing philosophy is based on managing time effectively, so as to ensure our clients receive optimal results at the most cost-effective rates.

Our Audit Partners are assisted by carefully selected auditors who offer all the relevant levels of experience to make this an extremely effective audit solution which offers the following:

Preparation of Financial Statements on behalf of clients;
Completion of audit function and reporting on prepared financial statements:
Completion of Accounting Officer’s duties to a close corporation;
Due diligence reports on acquisitions, mergers and other contractual obligations;
Forensic auditing where required in situations of theft, contractual problems, mismanagement, etc;
General system reviews and internal control structuring;

The audit division uses active information technology to ensure that the audit approach delivers completeness of work in the most appropriate time frame. The audit division traditionally does not get actively involved in the accounting functions required for preparation of the financial statements, unless requested by the client. However, it will receive documentation from the client or the company’s accounting division where it is a small client that has contracted the company to do such accounting.

Tax Services

Tax is vital to the makeup of an audit firm and we provide tax compliance services. We do, however, consider that our audit is a division and not an extension of the company.

This clear differentiation is important as it ensures that our tax department maintains the required level of professional skills and training to ensure that the company gives sound tax advice. It also ensures that the clients’ tax affairs are handled timeously and professionally.

The aim of the tax division is to make sure they become an active partner in the taxpayer’s tax affairs.


The major focus of the accounting services division of the company is the development of an outsourced accounting services solution for the company and for the clients of the company. The accounting services division provides the support clients need for their ongoing financial recording, this includes bookkeeping, statutory registrations and returns, preparation and review of monthly management accounts, etc.

This division also prepares all information on an annual basis, that is received from clients, into a format that facilitates audit and preparation of annual financial statements. The division also concentrates on assistance by providing on site bookkeepers and consulting to accounting services departments to assist in setting standards and procedures.

We have a complete staff of accountants and bookkeepers at various levels of skills, depending on the needs of the client.


The company offers a complete outsourced payroll solution for clients from the establishment to the final statutory returns.


The consulting division of the company is a natural progression in the small to medium audit arena.

The consulting division concentrates on the specialist and value added services required by the company’s clients.

The division harnesses the specialist skills of the company and uses these skills to assist and advise clients.

The services offered include, but are not limited to:

Tax Compliance;
Business planning and modeling;
Preparation of budgets, budgetary plans and other planning tools;
Monthly financial management review statements;
Payroll management and advice;
Contractual advice on mergers, acquisitions and other business re-engineering including tax advice on the effects of such changes;
Review of legislation and the effect such legislation has on the clients;


Our secretarial division was set up to supply our clients with professional secretarial services without this having to be outsourced.

In this way the service level is optimised as all related issues are treated in an in-house manner, which provides a more stable and secure environment for your company documents.

We have a dedicated secretarial team that can assist you with all your Secretarial Ad-hoc needs.

Registrations of Private companies & Non-Profit companies
Selling of Shelf Companies & Close Corporations
Name changes to Close corporations, Private companies & Non-Profit companies
Lodgment of annual returns for private companies
Changes on company documents
Setting up of trusts