About McMurray Aldum


Accounting and Client Service Management in the Financial Services Field.

The McMurray Aldum Inc. Story

McMurray Aldum Inc. is a highly advanced and dynamic financial services company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our company was born out of a consolidation of a variety of businesses. McMurray Aldum Inc. was originally known as McMurray & Associates which came into being in 1994. We functioned as a traditional auditing firm with premises located in the heart of Rosebank, Johannesburg. In 1998, the company organically evolved as the demand for our services rapidly increased. In June of 1998 our offices were relocated so as to expand our service capacity.

A variety of mergers then took place. Ian McMurray & Associates merged with another highly respected and ever growing firm, AW Aldum & Co. Together our forward thinking and innovative companies became known as McMurray Aldum Inc. This significant merger within the financial world resulted in the retirement of A.W Aldum, who to this day, stayed on to facilitate skills transfers and is a highly respected and experienced consultant known throughout the industry.

A final merger would take place in March of 1999. This was the merger between McMurray Aldum Inc.; New Life Accounting Services cc and Bruce C. Gordon & Co. Since this growth we have entered into a variety of association agreements. These agreements have allowed us to offer highly specialised services without affecting our company’s independence, some of these include:

Through these admirable mergers, we have progressively grown from a single and small management company to a complete business unit, employing over 30 staff members. We are a company geared towards the accounting industry with our core services provided to medium and small businesses.

Code of Ethics:

Provide the first consultation free, however brief, to a prospective new client.
Accept an assignment only if they have sufficient experience and capacity to deliver.
Negotiate fees and confirm this in a signed Letter of Engagement before starting professional work.
Work only in the best interests of the client with no divided loyalties owed to anyone else.
Ensure all work is carried out in an objective, impartial and independent manner.
Invoice their fees regularly and not allow significant fee arrears to build up.
Cultivate a high standard of professionalism with regular training, upgrades and research.
Communication in a professional manner with enquirers, clients and others.
Respect client confidentiality as required by own regulator’s rules.